California Roll Mink Lash
California Roll Mink Lash

California Roll Mink Lash

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California Roll Mink Lash 

Easily get 20 wears out of each pair.

100% Mink - Cruelty Free, collected from shed mink hair.

Super soft and fluffy.

Very light and comfortable to wear.

Please remember these lashes are handmade and may differ slightly from this exact photo.


How to care for your lashes!

These beautiful lashes will las anywhere from 15-25 wears depending on how you care for them.


To remove built up glue, carefully with your finger tips slowly and gently pull the dried glue off. Use a cotton swab with a small amount of makeup remover to rub off any makeup on the lash tips.


After removing the lash, place back onto the curved lip in the lash tray to preserve the shape and curl of the lash.


Be gentle, remember these are delicate, harsh pulling or stretching on the lash band will ruin the lash.


Do not soak in liquid. Soaking lashes in any liquid - makeup remover, alcohol, soap, ect. this will ruin the bond between the individual lashes and the lash band. 

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